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New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at The Rotunda Hospital

Elenfield recently completed the Refurbishment of the below NICU Department in The Rotunda Hospital.

High Risk Nursery at Rotunda Hospital NICU

The Project

The completed project involved the refurbishment of the entire NICU Department which consisted of 40 new bed spaces. The project itself was quite complex and involved maintaining the existing service of the hospital during the construction phase, which entailed applying strict control measures for Aspergillus and Noise and Infection Control. The areas themselves were also very highly serviced and involved the installation of new UPS, IPS, Dual Circuitry Medical Gas, Air Handling and Bespoke Medical Bed Head Units, the tying in of these services was crucial in maintaining the hospital's existing services and also protecting the services of the previously handed over areas.

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